Join us in our mission to increase the supply of quality affordable housing for Travis County residents by becoming a partner with the Strategic Housing Finance Corporation. Our partnership programs allow private developers to benefit from property tax exemptions and increased financial feasibility. Partner with us to create inclusive communities that stabilize families and make a real difference in the lives of Travis County residents.

Why partner with us?

Our partners include...

Becoming a partner


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The first step in partnering with the Strategic Housing Finance Corporation (SHFC) is to reach out to us and express your interest in working together. You can do this by filling out a contact form on our website, sending an email to our team, or giving us a call. We'll then schedule a meeting with you to discuss your project and how we can help.
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Review and approval

Once we have all the information we need, we'll review your proposal and determine how we can best support your project. If it aligns with our mission to increase the supply of quality affordable housing in Travis County, we'll work with you to create a partnership agreement that outlines the terms of our collaboration. This will include details such as funding, timelines, and responsibilities of both parties.

Implementation and monitoring

When the partnership agreement is in place, we'll work with you to implement the project. This could include providing funding through the private activity bond/tax credit program, property tax exemptions, or support for special projects. We'll also work with you to monitor the progress of the project and ensure that it is meeting our shared goals of increasing the supply of quality affordable housing and creating inclusive communities.

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